System Center Operations Manager - Data Collector

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System Center Operations Manager - Management Server

Administrator Privileges

Powershell 4+ (will still run on Powershell 3)


Download Zip file (More Actions - Download Zip File) and extract tool to a directory (ex. C:\Data Collector)

You need to change to the directory in PowerShell to the script location, such as “cd C:\Data Collector”

If run on a SCOM management server (preferred) we will gather their SQL server names and DB names from the local registry. Otherwise user will need to input names.

The script will attempt to query the SQL server remotely, and create CSV files in the local folder .\Output.

We will query both OperationsManager DB and Master DB, so having a high level of rights to SQL is preferred.

A zip file will be created in the directory where you are running the script, This will cleanup the .\Output folder in the process.

This script has the ability to gather the following information:

  • SCOM Version Installed
  • Database Information / DB Version
  • SCOM RunAs Account Information
  • Check TLS 1.2 Readiness
  • Certificates
  • Event Logs
  • MSInfo32
  • Unsealed MP’s
  • Clock Synchronization
  • Latency Check (Ping Test)
  • this list is not complete..


Note: If you know you have Query rights against the DB(s) run any Switch (-Command) with -AssumeYes

Available Switches

Every Switch Available:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -Servers -GetRunasAccounts -GetEventLogs -CheckCertificates -CheckTLS -ExportMPs -GPResult -MSInfo32 -SQLLogs -SQLOnly -CaseNumber -AssumeYes -GenerateHTML -All -PingAll

Built in menu

To see the built in menu, run the script with no arguments or switches:


You can also right click the .ps1 file and Run with Powershell.


To Check the Certificate(s) Installed on the Management Server(s) in the Management Group, and an Server:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -CheckCertificates -Servers

To Check the Certificate(s) Installed on the Management Server(s) in the Management Group:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -CheckCertificates

Gather only SQL Queries

To gather only the SQL Queries run the following:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -SQLOnly

If you know the account running the Data Collector has permissions against the SCOM Databases, run this:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -SQLOnly -Yes

Event Logs

To gather Event Logs from 3 Agents and the Management Server(s) in the Current Management Group:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -GetEventLogs -Servers,,

To just gather the Event Logs from the Management Server(s) in the Management Group:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -GetEventLogs

Management Packs

To Export Installed Management Packs:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -ExportMPs

RunAs Accounts

To Export RunAs Accounts from the Management Server:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -GetRunAsAccounts

Check TLS 1.2 Readiness

To Run the TLS 1.2 Hardening Readiness Checks on every Management Server and SQL SCOM DB Server(s) in the Management Group:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -CheckTLS

All Switches

This will allow you to run every switch available currently, this supports the -Servers Switch:

.\DataCollector.ps1 -All
.\DataCollector.ps1 -All -Servers Agent1
.\DataCollector.ps1 -All -Yes

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