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:book: Introduction

This tool will allow you to check your SCOM Certificate. It is very efficient and has been improved upon over time. You may edit line 751 to allow you to change what happens when you run from Powershell ISE. Copying and pasting the script to Powershell ISE after you run MOMCertImport on a certificate is the most common way to run the script, which requires no arguments or modifications. Just run the script and you will see where the issue may be.

:memo: Authors

  • Tyson Paul (
  • Lincoln Atkinson (
  • Mike Kallhoff
  • Blake Drumm (

:page_with_curl: Where to get it

Test-SCOMCertificate.ps1 :arrow_left: Direct Download Link
Personal File Server - Test-SCOMCertificate.ps1 :arrow_left: Alternative Download Link
Personal File Server - Test-SCOMCertificate.txt :arrow_left: Text Format Alternative Download Link

:classical_building: Argument List

Argument List  Description 
-All  Check All Certificates in Local Machine Store. 
-Servers  Each Server you want to Check SCOM Certificates on. 
-SerialNumber  Check a specific Certificate serial number in the Local Machine Personal Store. Not reversed. 
-OutputFile  Where to Output the File (txt, log, etc) for Script Execution. 

:question: Examples

Example 1

Check the certificate you have currently configured for SCOM on the local machine:

  PS C:\> .\Test-SCOMCertificate.ps1

Example 2

Check for a specific Certificate Serial number in the Local Machine Personal Certificate store:

  PS C:\> .\Test-SCOMCertificate.ps1 -SerialNumber 1f00000008c694dac94bcfdc4a000000000008

Example 3

Check all certificates on the local machine:

  PS C:\> .\Test-SCOMCertificate.ps1 -All

Example 4

Check All Certificates on 4 Servers and outputting the results to C:\Temp\Output.txt:

  PS C:\> .\Test-SCOMCertificate.ps1 -Servers ManagementServer1,,, -All -OutputFile C:\Temp\Output.txt

Example of Failure

Picture of an example of the script failing

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