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Article last updated on April 12th, 2023

:arrow_down: How to get it

Clear-SCOMCache.ps1 :arrow_left: Direct Download Link
Personal File Server - Clear-SCOMCache.ps1 :arrow_left: Alternative Download Link
Personal File Server - Clear-SCOMCache.txt :arrow_left: Text Format Alternative Download Link

The script without any modifications or parameters clears the Operations Manager cache only on the local server, nothing else.

:classical_building: Argument List

Parameter Description
-All Optionally clear all caches that SCOM could potentially use that doesnt require a reboot. Flushing DNS, Purging Kerberos Tickets, Resetting NetBIOS over TCPIP Statistics. (Combine with -Reboot for a full clear cache)
-Reboot Optionally reset winsock catalog, stop the SCOM Services, clear SCOM Cache, then reboot the server. This will always perform on the local server last.
-Servers Optionally each Server you want to clear SCOM Cache on. Can be an Agent, Management Server, or SCOM Gateway. This will always perform on the local server last.
-Shutdown Optionally shutdown the server after clearing the SCOM cache. This will always perform on the local server last.
-Sleep Time in seconds to sleep between each server.

:question: Examples

Clear all Gray SCOM Agents

#Get the SystemCenter Agent Class
$agent = Get-SCOMClass | where-object{$ -eq "microsoft.systemcenter.agent"}
#Get the grey agents
$objects = Get-SCOMMonitoringObject -class:$agent | where {$_.IsAvailable -eq $false}
.\Clear-SCOMCache.ps1 -Servers $objects

Clear SCOM cache on every Management Server in Management Group

Get-SCOMManagementServer | .\Clear-SCOMCache.ps1

Clear SCOM cache on every Agent in the Management Group

Get-SCOMAgent | .\Clear-SCOMCache.ps1

Clear SCOM cache and reboot the Servers specified

.\Clear-SCOMCache.ps1 -Servers, -Reboot

Clear SCOM cache and shutdown the Servers specified

.\Clear-SCOMCache.ps1 -Servers, -Shutdown

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