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:bulb: Introduction

I had a case today where Azure Update Manager was showing errors regarding checks for assessments, upon checking the Windows Updates installed on the machine we noticed the updates were successfully installed.

:x: Error text

1 errors reported. The latest 100 errors are shared in details. To view all errors, review this log file on the machine: [C:\ProgramData\GuestConfig\extension_logs\Microsoft.Software Update Management.WindowsOsUpdateExtension\1.telemetryLogs]. Failed to apply patch installation. Reason: [Failed to assess the machine for available updates: Activityld = [4242741a-0959-4b6c-886b-d7385dfc62f1], Operation=[Patching], Reason:[Windows update API threw an exception while assessing the machine for available updates. HResult: 0x80244022.. For information on diagnosing this error, see:].].

:mag: Cause

Details on the above exception:

Hexadecimal Error Code Decimal Error Code Symbolic Name Error Description Header
0x80244022  -2145107934  WU_E_PT_HTTP_STATUS_SERVICE_UNAVAIL  Same as HTTP status 503 - the service is temporarily overloaded.  wuerror.h 


The issue above in my customers circumstance was due to the following registry key being present:

Specifically this key was changed to 1 which needed to be 0 in order to utilize Microsoft Updates:

Entry name Data type Values
UseWUServer  Reg_DWORD   1 = The computer gets its updates from a WSUS server.
    0 = The computer gets its updates from Microsoft Update.
    The WUServer value is not respected unless this key is set.


More information on the registry keys for Automatic Updates and WSUS:

:wrench: Resolution

Modifying the registry key above (UseWUServer) registry key to 0 instead of 1 allowed us to successfully utilize Azure Update Manager.

:computer: PowerShell Script

# The following code will allow you to set the UseWUServer registry key to 0
# Which allows you to utilize Microsoft Updates instead of Software Update Services (WSUS)
Set-ItemProperty -Name UseWUServer -Value 0 -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU"

Example showing how the registry should look

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